Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maya's First Blog..

The Reason I like Gardening

by Maya

Gardening is probably the best thing that has happened on earth. Without gardening, we wouldn't have any food.

My neighbor, Mrs. Carla, and I have been having so much fun gardening. I've combined my school project, Carla's demonstration garden, and a little bit of home gardening myself. And, its hard work, but it's fun, too.

In my school project I needed to research landscape architecture so I've been combining Carla's gardening tips to help me.

Carla's gardens are so beautiful that they've inspired me to spend more time in my garden and to be even closer to the natural beauty of nature.


SideGarden said... are the fairy in my garden that will make it grow!

shelby.grad said...

Hey Maya! Must correct you... There is a lot of yummie food from ranches (animals) and laboratories (part of my diet). But I love your BLOG. You are such a great writer. Keep it up! And I'd like to try your bounty...